Car Valeting Clothes: Safety Clothing When Valeting and Detailing Cars

Car valeting clothes are essential for car detailers, and it is important to wear the right type of clothing while doing this job. You don’t want to ruin your own clothes, but you also need to be mindful of safety. In this article we will discuss the key safety clothing required for car valeting and detailing including: 

  • Various Types Of Hi-Vis Clothing
  • Safety Footwear for Work
  • Safety Gloves for Valeting
  • Safety glasses for Eye Protection

Hi-Vis Safety Clothing

Wearing HiViz Clothing is an essential part of your safety when valeting and detailing cars.

Valeting cars or other vehicles can be done in many places, on a driveway, in a car sales workshop, on the roadside, or at business premises.

The reason it is necessary to wear hi-vis clothing is that Health and safety require you to be seen and be safe in the workplace, If you were injured for example on business premises and you were not wearing Hi-Vis clothing you may find you cannot claim on any insurance for your injuries.

A stigma has developed over the years about health and safety requirements and some think that wearing Hi-Vis clothing is not cool, I can assure you in the eyes of your customer you will have more respect for wearing safety clothing than if you were in Jeans and a T-Shirt.

Hi-Vis clothing can be a simple Hi-Vis vest that is lightweight and not restrictive but a simple Hi-Vis vest could save you from a nasty injury or worse!

Various Types Of Hi-Vis Clothing

There are various types of Hi-Vis clothing the most commonly used by valeters and detailers include the following examples.

Hi-Vis Vests

Hi-Vis Trousers

Hi-Vis Coat

Hi-Vis Body Warmer

Safety Footwear for Work

A good pair of safety work boots are essential for cleaning vehicles, they must be comfortable and resist water, oil, or chemicals.

To simply wear a pair of trainers would not be practical as your feet could become wet, but even worse if chemicals were to leak onto the shoes and they were to come in contact with your skin, this would result in a nasty burn.

It is also essential that you take care of your feet by wearing safety work boots which will protect them against injury from car valeting equipment such as heavy items that could fall off shelves or when working with car valeting equipment such as pressure washers.

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Safety Gloves for Valeting

Wearing safety gloves is another important item of car valeting clothes that should not be ignored, safety gloves will protect your hands against any car valeting chemicals that are used. When cleaning a car your hands could become wet without a good pair of gloves which could cause your skin to become chapped or even become red and sore.

Depending on what task you are undertaking would depend on the type of gloves worn, the most commonly worn gloves are a light nitrile type.

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Safety glasses

Safety glasses can be worn to protect your eyes from car valeting chemicals or any flying debris, it is always a good idea to wear safety glasses when using any car valeting equipment.

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Be Seen Be Safe

To be seen and keep safe could save you from a personal injury and most business premises require you to wear hi-vis clothing at all times on their sites, If you have a mobile valeting business it is essential to carry safety wear with you at all times.

Thank You for reading this article “Car Valeting Clothes: Safety Clothing When Valeting and Detailing Cars” I hope you found it useful let us know in the comments below if you wear safety clothing when valeting or detailing and tell us your thoughts about wearing safety gear.

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