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How to use Autoglym Wheel protector easy to use spray sealant great results!

Autoglym wheel protector for perfect looking wheels

Autoglym Wheel protector

What Autoglym says about Wheel protector

This is an easy to use spray sealant, but to work effectively it needs time to dry.

After applying do not touch or buff the wheel surface, drive the car or allow the wheels to get wet until the coating has fully dried.

If you are using Instant Tyre Dressing, apply it before Autoglym Wheel Protector and remove any overspray.

How to use the product:

1. Ensure your wheels are clean, cool to the touch and completely dry.
2. Shake well and spray, covering half the wheel surface. Remove any excess from the tyre as it may  leave a white residue.
3. Do not buff or touch once applied, simply leave to dry for 1 – 1.5 hours, the longer the better.

Watch the Autogly Wheel protector video

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