Two Bucket Car Wash Method

Want to find out about the two bucket car wash method? this article will show how to clean your car using this method for perfect results every time. Professional car valeters and detailers use this method all the time, simply because protecting the paintwork of a car initially will save you time later when it comes to eliminating scratches or swirl marks.

Why Use The Two Bucket Car Wash Method?

The reason for using a two bucket method when washing your car is simply to prevent any damage to your vehicle or your customer’s vehicle’s paintwork, using this method will stop you from transferring dirty water from your wash bucket onto your car’s paintwork.

If washing a car with a single bucket, all the dirt that is picked up off your car’s paintwork is transferred back into the bucket, so when you come back to the same bucket with your sponge you are likely to pick up small particles of grit onto your mitt or sponge, this will then cause you to scratch your vehicles paintwork when washing.

So we have now established that using a two bucket is the right way to wash your cars paintwork, let’s move onto the next steps, what you need and the process involved to use the two bucket method correctly.

What Do I Need?

  1. Two buckets (obviously!) with grit guards.
  2. Favorite car shampoo for one of the buckets.
  3. Wash Mitt or Sponge.
  4. Drying Towel.

For the best results, you should have buckets with grit guards, a grit guard is located at the bottom of each bucket and will prevent you from picking up any dirt from your buckets during the cleaning process.

Using the two bucket method will help to keep your paintwork looking great for years. So let’s get into the process of washing with two buckets.

Two Bucket Car Wash Process

rinse and soap two bucket car wash
  1. Once you have two buckets fitted with grit guards fill each bucket with clean water.
  2. Add your car shampoo to one bucket, use the recommended amount depending on the product you like to use.
  3. Leave the other bucket with clean water only, this will be used as your rinse bucket.
  4. Using a hose or pressure washer rinse down the whole car to remove heavy dirt from the vehicle.
  5. With your hose or power washer (set to low spray) blast your bucket with shampoo in to create some nice suds and bubbles.
  6. Place your wash mitt or sponge into your shampoo bucket and start washing your car a panel at a time from top to bottom, the reason you start at the top is most of the dirt will drop off the car to the floor.
  7. When done place the wash mitt or sponge into the rinse bucket and swish it around to remove any dirt on the mitt,  take it out of the bucket and ring it out before placing it back into the shampoo bucket.
  8. Next, rinse the panel with a hose or power washer again.
  9. Now you can use your drying towel to dry off the panel.

Video Showing The Two Bucket Car Wash Method By Chemical Guys

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By using the two bucket car wash process you avoid damaging your car’s paintwork and avoid swirl marks.

Rinsing the car all over before starting the process will remove heavily soiled areas of dirt.

Always clean each panel of the car from top to bottom to reduce your wash mitt transferring dirt.

Reduce contaminating your wash mitt by using grit guards in your buckets.

Always ring out your wash mitt after rinsing it in the rinse bucket before returning it to the shampoo bucket.

I hope you found this article “Two Bucket Car Wash Method” useful, if you use this method of cleaning and have any advice for someone new to valeting cars leave a comment below to help them out.