Starting a mobile valeting business washing polishing cleaning vehicles

Thinking of starting a Mobile valeting business?

Before thinking about starting a mobile valeting business you will need to do some research in your local area, find out what local competition you have, establish if there is a demand for your business, have you got or can you obtain the start-up costs to enable you to get the business off the ground.

Do you have what it takes?

Starting a business is a big commitment you need to be 100% sure that you are totally committed to driving the business forward, have you got the necessary skills to meet customers demands.

Obviously, before starting a car valeting business, you will need all the essential equipment to carry out your work and the resources to obtain new work.

Some of the things you need to account for are a vehicle, Tools, Telephone, Products, Sundries, Insurance, Vehicle Signwriting, Advertising, website or social media page, Water Supply (water tank), Electric Supply (Generator).

Essential Items required for mobile valeting

Make Your Valeting Van Self Sufficient

Mobile car valeting can be made easier by being able to connect to your customer’s power supply and external water supply.

But if these resources are not available, you need to be prepared and make your vehicle totally self-supporting.

Mobile Car Valeting Tools And Equipment

You don’t need to start with the most expensive tools or equipment to get started as the money flows in you can upgrade as you can afford it, but I would buy the best you can with your start-up budget so your tools and equipment last longer before they need replacing.

Before going out to a customer if you’re just starting out, practice your services on a family member or friend get used to your set up, practice your methods until your happy with your valeting services then you will be confident and look professional when you meet your first customer.

Most mobile valeters build their business through repeat customers so being professional and providing quality service will gain you future repeat work.

When you are working on a customers property look at the site you are going to clean the vehicle, have you got enough room? have you got drainage? is it safe! always check for overhead power cables etc or anything that may cause you harm, if necessary ask the customer if they can move the vehicle to a different position.

Make sure you have the proper clothing to keep you warm dry and safe.

Gloves are very important to protect your hands from prolonged use of detergents if your hands become sore you are going to struggle or even worse not be able to work costing you money.

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