ValetPRO Professional Drying Towel 50 cm x 80 cm Heavy-Duty Professional Quality Two Tone Yellow and Blue Price: £11.55 (as of 21:11 EST- More info)

Professional drying towel / dry towel / car hand drying towel.
Large size 50 cm x 80 cm.
Dual colour – one side in yellow, one side in blue.



ValetPRO Professional Car Drying Towel 50 cm x 80 cm

The ValetPRO Professional Car Drying Towel is two-sided. This makes it easy to distinguish between the top side and bottom sides of each towel. The dimensions are 50 cm x 80 cm, which is huge! You can cover a lot of car surface with this cloth–perfect for wiping down your car without harming its exterior.

Skilled drying towel / dry towel/automobile hand drying towel.
Massive size 50 cm x 80 cm.
Twin color – one facet in yellow, one facet in blue.
Microfibre prime-pile, making them appropriate for cleaning your car without scratches.
ValetPRO Skilled drying towel.