Towelogy® Spootless SP01 Car Cloths Twisted Microfibre 1200gsm Cleaning Towels For Auto Detailing Drying Buffing Commercial Grade 40cmx40cm (Red/Yellow/Orange (1200gsm), Pack Of 3 Towels) Price: £19.99 (as of 25/09/2021 05:50 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping. Details

🚗 Microfiber Drying Towel Twisted Loop 1200GSM Superior Absorbency for Cars Care Cleaning Washing Cloths Rapid Drying Large Lint Free- These microfibre car cloths are woven with long twisted loop microfibers, which greatly increases the contact area with water, and absorbs moisture quickly when the twisted fibers gently slide over the paint, glass or plastic surface. The edging on towel is ultra-soft and silk-banded that not leave any scratches on the delicate surface.
🚗 Professional Grade Super Absorbent Microfibre Thick Plush Cloths 40 x 40 cm High Density Dual Layered Towels- With the help of these double-sided plush car cloths you can apply wax, polish, varnish cleaner & polish it out lint-free. Brings a deep shine and lets paint, interior & cockpit shine clean again – for car drying, car care & cleaning purpose. Made of non-abrasive not leave scratches or lint on paintwork, glass or mirrors & silk edging provide an extra layer of scratch-free protection.
🚗 Microfibre Car Cleaning Cloths Quick Drying for Car and Motorbike Paint Care Cleaning Buffing Polishing Drying Double Sided- Super absorbent microfibre cleaning cloths are designed with double-layer plush to add the water absorbency, can absorb as much water as 8 times of its weight. No lint, antipilling, no fading after washing. Machine washable. High quality microfibre drying towels is super softy, absorbs moisture and quickly drying the surface of your car.


Towelogy Spootlesss Car Cloths Twisted Microfibre 1200/600gsm Cleaning Towels For Auto Detailing Drying Buffing Commercial Grade 40cmx40cm

high density microfibre car cloths lint free smear free streak free dual sided plush 1200gsm

Microfibre Twisted Loop Weave Towels

Microfibre Twisted Car Cloths 1200gsm the most absorbent drying towel you’ve ever usedfor car cleaning & washing purpose or even general cleaning. The longer, twisted fibers waft frictionlessly over the surface, absorbing more water in a single pass – making the drying process quick and easy for you. Perfect to be use in the garage for cleaning cars, trucks, boats, and RV’s as well as in your home on TV’s, counter tops, and more. These microfiber car towels are washable and reusable, dry naturally after each use and rinse. This means that save your more money.

AUTO/MOTO CLEANING CLOTHS- Brings car, motorcycle, boat, bicycle back to high gloss without fluff and lint. Super fluffy high pile makes the microfibre cloths the standard car cleaning cloth or rim cleaning cloth – no matter if you wish to dry windows, polish the car or clean the interior. Perfectly suitable for all sensitive surfaces of cars and at home.


Size: 40cmx40cm Density: 1,200 g/sm & 600 g/sm

Weave: Twisted Loop Microfiber Edging: High Density Suede Blend: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide World first blend of ultra-soft 1200gsm & 600gsm made from twisted microfiber ensures a protected drying process, free from scratches, swirl marks and water streaks. FEATURES: • Versatile 40cmx40cm size makes it easier to handle • No water streak marks • One towel dries an entire car in just minutes

Designed to dry all vehicle surfaces faster, more thoroughly and more gently than conventional towels.

Quickly wicks away moisture, safely drawing it away from the surface into the fibers of the towel .

Ability to resist hundreds of washings getting softer each time

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