Poorboys World Clay Lube and ValetPRO ‘Medium’ Clay Bar Kit

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Poorboys Clay Lube 473ml (16oz) Poorboys Clay Lube is a super slippery lubricant designed to provide the perfect amount of lubrication for clay bars and clay bar alternatives, like the clay mitts and clay cloths. Clay Lube reduces the risk of clay media from scratching the paint because it creates a barrier slick enough that clay bars and clay bar towels effortlessly float across the surface, picking up contaminants to create a smooth finish ready for waxing! Poorboy’s World Clay Lube can be utilized in sun or shade! If you don’t have a garage, or if you’re a professional detailer, Poorboy’s World Clay Lube will help speed up the process of claying your vehicle because you don’t have to worry about the product staining the paint. Of course, you still wish to use common sense when working in direct sunlight, but Poorboy’s World Clay Lube makes it a lot easier! Don’t waste time washing your vehicle after claying it! With Poorboy’s World Clay Lube, all you need to do is wipe away to a clean, polish-ready surface. Valet Pro – Blue ‘Medium’ Clay This Blue clay bar from Valet PRO is a Poly based medoum grade detailing clay, with a little more bite than both the Yellow and Orange bars, making it ideal bar for quick contamination removal prior to a detail. The Valet Pro medium Clay easily removes bonded contaminates from your paint surfaces. It’ll also remove tar spots, tree sap, light industrial fall out and general bonded contaminates found on paint surfaces. This can be a medium grade clay so slight marring might occur on softer paints. It is usually great for use on glass. This product was designed to work with water. Some clay bars wish to be use with a clay lube to give protection to the paint surface from marring. With Valet Pro’s contamination remover they designed a sticky rubber clay that used top of the range ingredients that provides a smoother surface of that bar. 100g bar wrapped in plastic + FREE MICROFIBRE