Poorboys Clay Bar Lube / Lubricant – 16oz / 473ml And 220g Clay Bar – Complete Package

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Complete Clay Bar & Lube Package



Poorboy’s World Clay Bar is the protected, simple solution to reach silky smooth paint. Prior to wax application, Poorboy’s World Clay Bar gets rid of embedded contaminants – like rail dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, overspray, and brake dust – and leaves the paint totally clean. After the usage of Poorboy’s World Clay Bar, your vehicle will appear and feel as smooth as glass, able for a coat of wax! Poorboy’s World Clay Lube is a really perfect slippery lubricant designed to give you the perfect amount of lubrication for clay bars and clay bar alternatives, like the Nanoskin Auto Scrub. Poorboy’s World Clay Lube reduces the risk of clay media from scratching the paint because it creates a barrier slick enough that clay bars and clay bar towels effortlessly go with the flow around the surface, picking up contaminants to create a smooth finish able for waxing!

Complete Clay Bar & Lube Package