Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 Green Line VOC-Free 1.0 kg Price: £45.25 (as of 20:29 EST- More info)



Healthy work with the Menzerna Green Line.

A constant companion of conventional car polish is the solvent odour. This smell is particularly unpleasant for users. This also confirms a Menzerna study. Every second user senses the aggressive smell of market abrasive polishes as disturbing In addition, if you use the solvent-containing products very intensively can get health problems.

Menzerna has developed an innovative car polish: solvent-free according to DIN EN ISO 11890-2 and with high grinding effect. The Menzerna Green Line sanding polishes are VOC free. They combine a pleasant application with high grinding performance. No health hazard and environmental impact.

The result, processing and gloss level corresponds to the proven (solvent-based) Menzerna HC400.