Chemical Guys CWS21116 – Beer Scent Snow Foam Auto Wash Cleanser (16 oz) Price: £11.99 (as of 15/10/2021 08:23 PST- Details)



Beer Scent Snow Foam Auto Wash Cleanser, Limited Edition (16 oz) Limited Edition Beer scent recalls your most unforgettable memories Embodies the scent of premium beer hops Superior surface cleanser with advanced foaming technology Perfect for scratch-free washes when combined with a foam cannon, foam gun or two bucket wash Ideal as a maintenance wash Rinses clean with no residue Secure for wax and sealant Removes grime, build up and dirt To be had in 4 ounce, 64 ounce – 1/2 Gal, and Gallon size About This Product Everybody knows that Chemical Guys Snow Foam line turns any car wash into a foam party, but now there’s in the end a scent to match the festive occasion! The all-new Limited Edition Beer Scent Snow Foam Auto Wash will not only coat your car with the thickest, foamiest suds you’ve ever seen, it’s going to also release the mouthwatering scent of premium beer hops with every wipe of your wash mitt. The thick foam from this amazing shampoo will coat your car in billions of scrubbing bubbles that release dirt, dust, and debris, allowing your wash mitt to flow over the surface to take away abrasive particles without scratching and swirling, all even as leaving at the back of the delicious scent of brewed wheat and honey for the most pleasant car washing experience you’ve ever had. Don’t be surprised if your face hurts from smiling such a lot after the use of this wash: the all-new Chemical Guys Beer Scent Snow Foam turns any weekly car wash or full detail into a true foam party, with the delicious scent of fermented fun to match! Whether it’s crazy nights out on the town with your best buds, a relaxing vacation in the Bahamas, or cracking open a cold one after work, just 1-2 oz of this premium car wash soap will instantly recall the those pleasant memories that accompany your favorite frothy beverage.