Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Soft Autoclay Detailing Car Clay Bar Auto-Clay Soft Price: £14.40 (as of 24/07/2021 16:48 PST- Details)

Part Manufacturer: Bilt Hamber
Brand: Bilt Hamber
Part Manufacturer Number: Auto-Clay Soft



Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Soft autoclay detailing car clay bar 200g
For removal of harmful contamination from vehicle paint finishes.
Soft clay is designed for more frequent and / or winter use.
auto-clay soft provides a method of removing harmful contamination from
vehicle paint finishes, improving its durability and increasing the
gloss level of subsequent waxes. Its excellent for frequent use, less
contaminated paint and winter / cold climate use.
Contamination can consist of tiny metallic particles from rail dust,
brake dust and industrial fallout or non-metallic substances such as
tree sap, bird droppings or insect residue. It affects all paint
finishes and can cause serious damage when left untreated. Surprisingly,
even brand-new cars and trucks can suffer from paint contamination.
Metallic contamination is perhaps the worst offender whilst stuck into
the paint surface it corrodes and expands leading to the onset of paint
film destruction.
Paint contamination can be felt as a rough or gritty texture on the freshly cleaned paint’s surface.
This contamination cannot be removed by washing, waxing and/or polishing.
To assess the degree of contamination on you car’s finish simply rub
your fingers gently over the freshly washed paint – to magnify the
sensation place a piece of cellophane beneath your finger tips and
gently rub back and forth – if your paint needs to be clayed you will
feel the gritty texture. It is usual to find that horizontal panels such
as bonnet roof and boot lid are the most affected.
auto-clay removes these particles effortlessly from contaminated
surfaces leaving a glass smooth ultra clean finish perfectly prepared
for the application of waxes and other final stage products.
auto-clay is provided in regular, medium and soft grades. Regular for
intensive cleaning of moderate to heavy

Part Manufacturer: Bilt Hamber
Brand: Bilt Hamber
Part Manufacturer Number: Auto-Clay Soft
Manufacturer Part Number: Auto-Clay Soft
Type: Preparation and Clay Bars