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How To Clean a Car Seat?

How to clean a car seat

This article will show the process involved in “How to clean a car seat?” if this process is done correctly you will end up with fresh new-looking fabric car seats that have had a real deep clean.

Tools Required for Cleaning Fabric Car Seats

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is essential in the process of cleaning cloth seats, as most stains are deeply embedded into a car’s seat. The wet vac will allow you to remove this dirt that would otherwise be impossible to reach with your hands alone.

The Nilfisk wet and dry vacuum cleaner detailed below is a popular choice among car valeters, especially for seat cleaning as it is robust, easy to use and is a nice size for maneuvering around your vehicle.

Nilfisk Multi ll 30T Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner – Indoor & Outdoor Cleaning – 22 Litre Capacity...
  • Powerful Vacuum and Dust Extractor: Versatile hose and barrel vacuum with input power of 1400 watt and power take off of 1100 W
  • Large Capacity: Bagless vacuum cleaner has a capacity 18 Litre when bagless. Vacuum cleaner with bag has a capacity of 14 Litre
  • Versatile Cleaning Power: High suction power for efficient cleaning and blow function for optional cleaning
  • Filtered Cleaning: Push&Clean, a semi-automatic filter cleaning function. This function is a semi-automatic method of cleaning the filter by creating an airwave hitting the filter from inside out
  • Wet Vac and Dry Vac: Great for home, auto, workshops, garages, extraction, pet hair and more. Suitable for all surfaces. Clean on hard floor, carpet and in hard-to-reach locations

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Detail Brushes

A soft detailing brush will allow you to agitate your cleaning product onto the cloth surface of your seat, this process will remove awkward grime without harming the fabric of your seat.

The example detailing brushes below are perfect for this process.

5 x Specialist Detailing Brushes for Car Cleaning Vents, Dash, Trim, Seats, Wheels
  • ✔ SET OF 5 DETAILING BRUSHES - Various Sizes for Different Valeting Applications
  • ✔ SELECTION OF SIZES - Five Sizes to Allow you to get into the Nooks and Crannies
  • ✔ SOFT HOG HAIR BRUSH - Densely Packed Hair Provides a Sturdy and Efficient Cleaning Brush
  • ✔ SOFT BUT STURDY - The Soft But Sturdy Brushes Allow for a Variety of Uses on Wheels, Plastics, Badges and Interiors
  • ✔ STRONG PLASTIC HANDLES - Each Brush Has a Strong Plastic Handle with Hole, Allowing you to Hang Brush to Allow to Dry Properly

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Microfibre Cloth

A microfibre cloth has to be one of the essential tools for car cleaning, and I would recommend you have plenty of clean cloths to hand for all types of car cleaning, they are the perfect tool for wiping away residue product, dirt, and grime.

The microfibre set below would be a great choice for your vehicle cleaning needs as they are lint-free and super soft.

Lint Free Microfibre Exel Super Magic Cleaning Cloths For Polishing, Washing, Waxing And Dusting....
  • Microfiber cloths suitable for use on all surfaces
  • Ultra soft cloths are made from fine microfiber, that gives a swifter and safer clean
  • Tiny microfibers work hard for you when collecting dirt from any surface
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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Car Seat Cleaning Process

  • Firstly use your vacuum cleaner in dry suction mode, vacuum the entire seat to remove any loose dirt, make sure you get deep into the crevices of the seat removing as much dirt as you can, this cleaning process will be easier with the front seats moved back as far as you can to allow you plenty of room to work.
  • The next step is to apply a spray cleaning solution of your choice and agitate the area you are working on to loosen any deep grime.
  • Wipe away any excess product with your microfibre cloth.
  • The final process is to use your vacuum cleaner in wet mode to extract the cleaning product and dirt from your seat.
  • Allow your seats to dry thoroughly before sitting on them.

Great Video Showing The Car Seat Cleaning Process

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I hope you found this article “how to clean a car seat” useful giving you an insight into the process when cleaning your cloth car seats.

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