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Why do I need a vehicle check sheet?

First of all, a vehicle check sheet is important because you don’t want to find out that there was damage after the customer has left your location. Secondly, it allows for some accountability and reassurance on both sides in case something goes wrong later down the line!

When cleaning a customer’s car you want the job to go as smoothly as possible, I have created a Free vehicle check sheet in PDF format so you can download and print anytime.

free vehicle check sheet

Protect Yourself From Any Claims

You should always check around a customer’s vehicle for any damage to the exterior before detailing it.

This includes checking dents, deep scratches, and other imperfections in their paint job that you will be unable to correct when valeting or detailing the customer’s car.

In many cases, cars could have car park dents or deep scratches that your customer may be unaware of! it is not a nice feeling when your first response from them is “that dent wasn’t there before”.

Below you can download a Free Check sheet to print out at home or at work to do a simple walk-around assessment before starting your valeting work on the vehicle.

vehicle check

FREE Vehicle Check Sheet

PDF format

Download this Valeters FREE Vehicle Check Sheet protect yourself by highlighting dents on a customers car

Walk Around Vehicle Check

The best way to protect yourself from insurance claims is by completing a walk-around vehicle check. Take your time and get into a routine of starting at one point of the car and move around the car in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, check each area as you go, note any deep scratches or dents onto the vehicle check sheet, make your customer aware of any imperfections in the paint or panels that you will not be able to take out during the valeting or detailing process.

Ensure your customer is happy with your findings and make sure they sign your check sheet, this will give you a valuable document that can protect you if any disputes should occur later.

Don’t forget if you miss something then you could have problems, so ensure you check everything thoroughly.

This simple Free vehicle check sheet will allow you to do a pre-valet damage report, if possible get your customer to check and sign the sheet to confirm they are happy that any damage was already on the vehicle before you start your work.

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I hope you find this “Free vehicle check sheet car valeting dent report Download PDF” useful for reporting any car damage to your customer if you have had any problems with customers regarding damage to a vehicle, let us know about it, leave a comment below or check out the Car Valeting Facebook Group.

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