Car Valeting and detailing Be the best for top rewards

First of all If your just starting out with a new business or if your an established valeter / detailer business strategy is essential when car valeting and detailing.

You need to be on top of your game providing a great service for your customers with a quality of work that really stands out.

car valeting and detailing is a great business to be in but we all know that unless you get word of mouth referels from existing customers its difficult to find time to increase your customer base.

When a customer says to you “what a great job” you know they will tell there friends and before long your work load will increase but it is essential to get that reaction from customers everytime you clean a vehicle so treat every job like its your first aim to impress everytime!

Use the best cleaning products and materials as you can sustain to get the end results, its no good buying cheap products just to undercut your rivals because the finished results will destroy your business.

When your happy with the standard of work you giving your customers, work out in every detail – your overheads for doing the job, set yourself a wage on top of that figure that your comfortable with to work out your pricing, If neccasary offer a discount on your first valet so that a new customer can see the quality of your work but never price at a loss always make a profit even if its a small one for a new customer (we don’t work for nothing).

When working out the cost of your products try to be as accurate as possible, for example say a bottle of polish costs £15.00 try to estimate how much product you used if it was a tenth of the bottle you have used £1.50 of your polish do that for all products used to give a total cost to you for doing the job.

If your a mobile valeter work out your fuel and motoring costs, and factor those costs in to your pricing, it is difficult if your just starting out but running a van can be costly and you need to cover those costs over a twelve month period, for example if your insurance is £500 per year and you average 500 valets a year you need to add at least £1.00 into your pricing to cover that.

Great products give you a great finish great service gives you a great customer base and realisting pricing ensures your business will survive.

Have a great year.

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