How to use Autoglym Surface detailing clay to get the best results on paintwork

Autoglym surface detailing clay

Autoglym surface detailing clay is used to remove contaminants from your paint surface, you can feel if your paintwork is in need of detailing clay by touching the paint surface after washing, if it feels rough then a clay bar treatment is required to revitalise the surface of the paintwork and remove any contaminants from the surface.

Surface Detailing Clay Cleaning Process

After washing and drying the car take a piece of Autoglym detailing clay and flatten it out into a pad in your hand.

Apply some Autoglym rapid detailer onto the clay and also spray some onto the area you are working on.

Autoglym Rapid Detailer

Autoglym Surface Detailing Clay

Place the clay onto the area you are working on and rub it onto the paintwork in straight lines backward and forwards, do this until the area feels smoother and that the clay glides easily across the paintwork.

Remove any residue with a clean microfibre cloth and continue around the vehicle until you get the same results all over.

Make sure you always use the rapid detailer with the clay as a lubricated surface will give the desired results.

As your clay becomes dirty with contaminants need it into itself to give you a revitalised piece of clay to continue with.

When the car is smooth all over you will be ready to polish/wax the car to get the ultimate detailed finish.

See below the Autoglym surface detailing clay kit video


Surface detailing clay is a process for removing contaminants and imperfections on your car paint surface leaving shiny smooth paintwork which can then be polished to give an ultimate shine.

Clay bars are used professionally to prepare a car’s paintwork but can also be used by car enthusiasts at home to give a much better finish to their car.

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