How to use Autoglym Pure Shampoo PH neutral cleans and is Wax Safe

Autoglym Pure Shampoo

Firstly an effective car shampoo will clean your car thoroughly and allow you to rinse away easily, Autoglym pure shampoo is rich, foamy, and easy to use, cutting through dirt and grime quickly leaving a thoroughly clean car.

Before giving your car a Shampoo, rinse the car all over with a hose pipe or pressure washer.

Shake the pure shampoo bottle well and add 2 cap fulls of shampoo to a bucket, then add 10 Ltrs of cold or warm water.

Always wash your vehicle from the top down using a clean Sponge, gravity will ensure any dirt particles are always running off the vehicle.

Rinse your sponge or wash mitt regularly as you work around the car, and try not to let the shampoo dry on.

Once you have finished shampooing the car rinse thoroughly with clean water again from the top down.

Dry the vehicle all over with a chamois leather or equivalent to prevent water spots from forming, use Autoglym’s Rapid wax in which case you won’t need to dry the car first.

Autoglym Pure Shampoo, 1 Litre
  • A high foam pH neutral shampoo

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