Windscreen Polishing DIY Repair Kit – Car Glass Repair – Removes Wiper Blade Damage, Surface Marks, Water Stain – (2 inch 50mm Components)

£13.24 (as of 23rd March 2019, 7:12 pm)

Ideal for removing wiper blade damage, surface marks, most scuffs, water marks, tree sap, lime scale, residue from acid rain.
Can be used on any type of glass, including toughened glass and automotive glass.
Works with any standard electric drill / Recommended speed 1000-2500rpm

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IMPORTANTThis kit is designed for more than one scratches from 1 – 10 inches long and less than 50 microns/0.002 of an inch in depth (scratches that you can’t feel or catch with your fingernail). If scratches will catch with your fingernail please check our other product for deep scratch repair.

Kit Contains:


2 inch (50mm) Velcro Backing Pad (with drill attachment)

2 x 2 inch (50mm) Rayon Felt Polishing Pads

50ml Glass Polishing compound

Polishing J Cloth

Please Note:

*Glass is a very hard surface and polishing process might be time consuming. To take away average wiper blade damage 1-2hrs of polishing process is required, in some cases more then one attempted might be necessary.

*Its a very powerful to check depth of damage as this kit would possibly not work on scratches that may be catch with your fingernail.

Polish away, scuffs, surface marks, water stain and wiper blade damage.
Our easiest to use kit is ideal solution for DIY Repairs, Designed for use with electric drill.
Really useful drill Speed 2000RPM, Can be utilized on any type of glass including toughened glass.
Very Easy and Protected to use, comes with instructions. Video Tutorial available on our youtube channel,
This kit contains enough consumables to do multiply repairs.

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