Vossner Professional Orbital Machine Polisher + Set Including XXXL Accessory Pack

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Vossner, the original I For a perfect polishing result.
Eccentric polishing machine.
With rotating and orbital movements.

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‘This Polisher is characterised by its Orbitalen, eccentric motion. A polish overheating is then reduced significantly (about 80%). Also the risk of hologram case is significantly lower. Is especially well suited for polishing, waxing, high gloss seals and dirt removal. The continuously adjustable stroke speed of 2500 – 6300 rpm incl. soft start + exzentrische rotating movement and 710 Watt guarantee a top polishing result. Free Stroke speed adjustable 2500 – 6300 rpm Power Requirement 710 Watt Continuous Operation switch thread connection: 5/16 – 24 position wheel for use with electronic stroke speed Aluminum die cast gear housing cable length: Approx. 3 m bow hand grip can be used left or right additional stick- Handle 230 V/50 Hz Weight approx. 2.2 kg Instructions: Machine is NOT TILTING motion machine constantly on the move keep rotation speed: Level 1 – 2 to grow or seal level 3/4 for normal polish – Level 5 6 for sanding products and deep scratches Operating Instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English) Note: Package included: 1 x Buffing Machine pop-up DAP 6800 + 150 mm 5/16 “-24 plates – 1 support plate 125 mm 5/16 to 24 for (DAP 6800) – 2x Polishing sponge, 150 mm/50 mm, orange (Medium) – 3 x polishingSponge White, 150 mm, 35 mm, soft, 3 x 150 mm polishing sponge, white, Gewaffelt (Medium) 3 x polishing fur 150 mm 2 x Microfibre cleaning cloth (Blue) 1 x Special washing mitt 1 x Microfibre wash sponge (Blue), 2 x spare carbon brushes and other accessories
Vossner and I for an polishing finish
Excenter Polisher
With rotating and Orbitalen motion
Approx. 80% less heat than with pure Rotary machines
New Sophisticated top quality 10 year manufacturer experience)

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