Vale Tpro Classic All Purpose Cleaner 500ml Ready to Use

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Of APC, in a 500 ml spray bottle is ready mixed = ready to use.
Acts as a Stelle cleaner and plastic surfaces.
Rugs and cushions are also so as Stelle cleaner to clean.

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Is an excellent all-purpose based on to clean cleaner for all plastic surfaces in the interior. Can also be used for carpets and padding is the APC on surfaces cleaner. This product effective cleansing fingerprints from shoes on carpets and plastic frame of the door. Snug removes built up dirt from upholstery and carpets are quickly and easily solved. The cleaner is highly concentrated and has different work. It can be used specifically as point cleaner or also be used as Vorreiniger on large surfaces.
How to use:
The APC is available in a 500 ml spray bottle ready mixed = ready to use.As a point cleaner and made of plastic oberflächen. Easy to fit to the areas you want to clean spray on and a few minutes to dry then rub with a brush, sponge/Pad and Dry with a Mictofaser cloth.
Carpets and cushions are also so as point cleaner to clean. Use in an extraction device same mixture ratio, how to use out of your device. For all uses on carpets & upholstery Hidden Point Test and on changes inspected.
Box Contents: 1 bottle 500 Capacity

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