Thickest microfiber towel – car cleaning cloth – doubled absorption power through 1,200 GSM (!) – absorbing up to 10 times of its own weight – perfect for cleaning cars, motorcycles...


Unique design; part of the cleaning cloth from Bonorum has an elegant design.Compared with colourful or light grey cleaning towels, our towels do a great job of cleaning dust and dirt.
Extremely absorbent – the cleaning wipes can hold up to 10 times (!) that of their own weight of liquid and are thus great for cleaning, polishing, waxing and washing of vehicles of all kinds or in the household.
The highest quality with a basis weight of 1.200 g/m2 (!) includes our super soft microfibre towel for great cleaning, car polishing, or vehicle treatment.Makes car care a tremendous pleasure.

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✔ BEST QUALITY – With a surface weight of 1,200 g / m2 (!), our super-soft car drying towels are the absolute premium product for car cleaning, polishing, or vehicle preparation! Likes this car care will be fun again!
✔ REUSABLE – Thanks to the absolute top quality of our polishing towels, they can also easily be used where surfaces must be treated with care. Simply wash the cloths after use and reuse them 100s of times! This saves money and protects the environment!
✔ UNIQUE DESIGN – The professional cleaning cloth from BONORUM impresses with its noble design. Our cloths look fresh and new longer than the light gray cleaning cloths of our competitors, as soiling is barely visible on our cloths!
✔ EXTREMELY ABSORBING – The ultra-thick microfiber cloths can absorb up to 10 times their own weight of liquid and are therefore especially suitable for cleaning, polishing, waxing, drying and washing vehicles of all kinds or even in the household.
✔ QUALITY PROMISE – We are convinced that the quality of our products is top-notch! Therefore, we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We will refund 100% of purchase price without any questions asked if you are not satisfied!

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