T-Cut Colour Fast Cleaner 500ml – Blue

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Cleans and renovates the paintwork, removing oxidised paint, light scratches, blemishes and other imperfections.
Intense colour pigments restore and enhance the original colour.
Advanced polymer waxes leave a protective showroom shine.

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Car Plan T-Cut Colour Fast 500ml-Dark Blue

Cleans, Shines & Restores in One-Blends with all Shades of Dark Blue & Purple

T-cut colour fast blue is a revolutionary coloured paintwork renovator that removes light scratches*, oxidation, ingrained dirt, bugs and surface imperfections. The coloured pigments and advanced wax technology enriches, cleans, restores and polishes in one easy application, leaving a protective shine that lasts and lasts.

*A surface scratch is determined by feeling no obstruction when passing a fingernail over the mark. If an obstruction is noticed, it will be deeper than a surface scratch and t-cut can only help in improving the appearance of the scratch.


1) Wash car and dry with a chamois or microfibre cloth. 2) Shake bottle and pour on to a damp cloth. 3) Apply sparingly and evenly to one panel at a time, spending more time on scratches and blemishes. 4) Allow the panel to dry to a haze and buff with a dry lint-free cloth. 5) Repeat application on the next panel.

Note: When removing surface scratches*,swirl marks and blemishes, apply to the specific area using a circular motion until the scratch is removed. Do not use if the lacquer coat is damaged, cracked or crazed.
Removes Surface Oxidation
Removes Minor Scratches
Creates a flawless, colour matched finished

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