RUPES LHR 15 Polishing Machine Mark II Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher Set of Standard LHR 15II Stn

Energy savings up to 40 %. Up to 40 % time savings. The polishing Big Foot system amazes by surprising results in no time. Less innings, less time and less product consumption = more results. Finishing with top results.
No more holograms. The polisher offers the highest precision and is easy to handle. This enables high-quality results with low effort.
No surface overheating. Thanks to the eccentric motion and the technical characteristics, Rupes polishing machines do not exceed these limits and prevent the clear coat from burning.

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More design, more performance in standard kit.The new RUPES Mark II Series in set
Save up to 40%. Up to 40% Saving you time The new polishing system Big Foot is truly amazing durch surprising results in no time at all. Less innings + less time and less product consumption = More Gain. Finishing with Spitze results
No more Hologramme. The Polisher offers high precision and is comfortable to use. This enables top quality results with a small amount of effort.
No surface overheating. Thanks to the eccentric of movement and the technical properties polishing machines by RUPES the limit values not exceed and prevent the,, burn them into Klarlacks.
RPM 1700 – 4200 500 Watt, 2.6 kg, 15 mm fleece Ifhub, speed control. Package Contain: 1 x RUPES eccentric Polisher, 2POLIERSCHWÄMME – 150 mm, 130 mm velcro, 1x Medium, 1x Fine, 2 products – 1x Medium Quartz Gloss Polish 250 ml, 1x Fine ceramic Gloss 250 ml, 4 Microfibre Cloths
RUPES Big Foot LHR15II cam Polisher – suitable for any professional and enthusiasts.

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