Rupes Bigfoot 21 mm – LHR21E – Standard Orbital Polisher Set (6 Items)

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About RUPES LHR21E: the Rupes Bigfoot LHR21E random orbital polisher sets the stage for 21st century detailing. Rupes, an Italian company that has been manufacturing precision tools since 1947, has developed the most high-tech orbital polisher the world has ever seen. Over several years of development, the LHR21E has redefined paint correction for enthusiasts and professional detailers. The innovative system allows for the smoothest and most efficient polishing experience. The amazing Italian design will change the way you polish paintwork forever. The Rupes LHR21E Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher utilizes a unique 21 millimetre throw which covers more surface area than a conventional orbital polisher. The larger throw allows the Rupes LHR21E to remove swirls, scratches, holograms and other paint defects faster and easier than any other machine. A typical orbital polisher has a throw between 4 and 8 millimetres. The LHR21E Big Foot’s 21 millimetre throw gives this revolutionary polisher the ability to run smoother and correct defects faster than a conventional dual action polisher. The Rupes LHR21E comes equipped with a 6 inch hook and loop backing plate designed to use 6 inch pads which can polish smaller panels and tight curves. Chemical Guys 6 Inch Hex-Logic and Microfibre Polishing Pads are a great choice to use with the Rupes LHR21E Big Foot Polisher.

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