Poorboy’s World PB-CL16 Clay Lube, 473 ml

£8.99 (as of 14th February 2019, 9:58 am)

Great for all types of clay and clay towels
Superior lubricity
Prevents marring

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Super slick and easy to wipe off – exactly what you want in a clay bar lubricant! Poorboy’s World Clay Lube is a super slippery lubricant designed to provide the perfect amount of lubrication for clay bars and clay bar alternatives, like the Nanoskin Auto Scrub. Poorboy’s World Clay Lube reduces the risk of clay media from scratching the paint because it creates a barrier slick enough that clay bars and clay bar towels effortlessly glide across the surface, picking up contaminants to create a smooth finish ready for waxing! Poorboy’s World Clay Lube can be used in sun or shade! If you don’t have a garage, or if you’re a professional detailer, Poorboy’s World Clay Lube will help speed up the process of claying your vehicle because you don’t have to worry about the product staining the paint. Of course, you still want to use common sense when working in direct sunlight, but Poorboy’s World Clay Lube makes it a lot easier! Don’t waste time washing your vehicle after claying it! With Poorboy’s World Clay Lube, all you have to do is wipe away to a clean, polish-ready surface. Poorboy’s World Clay Lube has been tested and approved for use with all clay bars and clay bar alternatives.
Great for all types of clay and clay towels
Superior lubricity
Prevents marring
No need to wash after claying

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