Menzerna-PF – 2200 Hochleistungspolitur – 1L

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100 % silicone free.
Can be coated.
Good wiping resistance.

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Power Menzerna Finish PF2200
28413.05 fl oz (1000 ml) is a highly effective on Aluminiumoxidbasis Polishing Paste for processing to OEM Paint but also to Reparaturlacken it is best and they removed Schleifstellen 2500 to cut and gives it a great shine in a Arbeitsgang. PF2200 for the Modern Ceramic Paint Scratch proof has been developed to wear, such as “washer scratches or other Lackdefekte be removed perfectly and spurenfrei

the Polish is in most cases a further working with other Schleifpolituren “not necessary” as this product is very good Schleifeigenschaften and has a good Hochglanzergebnis produces.

for the perfect shine, i recommend SF4000. This the super Finish you can also find on our Shop

PF2200 for the Rotary Polishing Machines made clear. It also works with slight loss in terms of an Schleifwirkung with Eccentric Maschine. a subsequent growth or sealing, it is recommended to shine and long-lasting to protect the

PF2200 “is a ticking” sharper than the PF2500 of Menzerna at a slightly less shiny

benefits of Power PF2200 Finish:

low dust accumulation in the processing
good Abwischverhalten
free and recoated
good Schleifwirkung
Suitable for scratch-resistant varnish (Keramiklacke) removes Dark on
Varnish Black Swirls holograms Recommended use:

a small amount on the Polish for investigating surface in dry Pad Leave in for a more use, machine start and lightly printed with Hard Pad polieren. and pressure on the body should be reduced as soon as the Polish beginnt. the dry residues and splashing with a microfibre cloth remove

Box contents: 1 bottle contents 28413.05 fl oz (1000 ml)

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