Menzerna Abrasive Paste for Lamb’s Wool Heavy Cut 1100

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For strong weathered or Zerkratze yawning varnishes
Similar 1200 grit (

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250 ml
The Early In The Category Of FG 500 einzuordnende Heavy Cut 1100 abrasive paste is designed specifically for the manufactured the use of a microfibre or lambskin – Pad. With a An identical Coronation from 1200 removal it quickly and effectively coarse scratches and sorft thus for quick results. Developed especially for dust of to minimise are the Polish may also be of siliconen and other Füllstoffen.) It may be used for all sorts of paint. Use with a machine: Apply at the clean varnish 4 hazelnut-sized drop on flat a lambskin or microfibre pad on a surface of 60 x 60 cm to dress and with a low level (1-2) and slowly increase (optimum speed: 1200 – 1500 U/min.) So long as polishing until the desired result is achieved. With a microfibre cloth and the result keep an eye on or enjoy;-) use with the Palm of Your Hand: a hazelnut drops apply to a hand polishing pad and the surface to polierende process until the desired result is achieved.We propose that you further remedy of after applying with a high-gloss and/or with a medium polish.
An identical 1200 grit (
For strong weathered or Zerkratze yawning varnishes
Very rapid and effective removal of scratches.
Designed specifically for Microfibre Lamb’s Fellpads

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