Hyundai DHY6000SE 5.2kW Silenced Diesel Generator Price: £1,573.50 £1,289.99 (as of 24/06/2019 04:26 PST- Details)

Powered by a 10hp Hyundai D400 engine
Produces 5 2kW (6kVA) of clean power
Electric start with added ATS capability

Usually dispatched within 24 hours



It is a 5.2kw / 6kVa ‘silenced’ diesel generator which is ideal for home, standby or small business and office backup power. With the DHY6000SE, Hyundai have made it easy to protect your family or business from being left out in the dark.

The Hyundai DHY6000SE Diesel generator is also very popular for builders, car valeters, motorsport teams, horse stables, remote workshops, and self build houses. The Hyundai DHY6000SE features a 4-stroke Hyundai OHV air cooled, 10hp direct injection diesel engine, a new pre-heat button and a large standard 11 litre fuel tank and gauge.

The generator’s stylish look also offers better protection and reduced noise due to the hard casing. The housing dampens the noise level of the generator, reducing the decibel level down substantially. Another new feature would also be the new emergency stop button, but the all improved machine does still include a sophisticated AVR for smooth voltage output, which is ideal for powering PCs and sensitive electronic equipment and even has an Oil Alert System with automatic engine shut-off for when the oil level runs too low to keep the generator running.

The easy-use control panel on the front of the generator includes:

2 sockets- 230v and 115v
12v DC ouput
Circuit breaker
Digital Voltmeter, Hourmeter and Frequency meter.
The DHY6000SE also features an ATS connection and functionality, so it can be connected to an Automatic Transfer System and in the event of a mains failure the generator will start and connect and power the building automatically. This diesel generator is also available with manual changeover switch and remote start, so generator can be started remotely from inside the building without having to switch it on at the key. The generator package then comes with a tool box containing 230v and 115v plugs, spanners and a service manual.

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Powered by a 10hp Hyundai D400 engine
Produces 5 2kW (6kVA) of clean power
Electric start with added ATS capability
Equipped with a large 16L fuel tank for a long running time.

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