Cleanbag-Special Cleaner for caravans, mobile homes, caravans, Motorhomes

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For easy and quick cleaning of caravans, motor homes and mobile homes.The modern shampoo combines outdoor cleaner, insect remover, wheel rim cleaner and engine bay cleaner.
Caravan and motor home cleaner for bodywork, surface and outer case, includinginsects, wheels rim, chassis and engine bay cleaner.
Effective cleaning of painted and galvanised surfaces; honeycomb and aluminium sheets, gel coat, fibreglass, plastic, and plexi-glass surfaces.

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CLEANOFANT clean outer – 2.5 kg in Cleanbag-Special Cleaner for caravans, mobile homes, caravans, Motorhomes-The Shampoo combines modern Aussenreiniger, Insect Remover / Insektenreiniger, Auto Engine cleaner in one product. 3–in – 1 System-Cleaning agents for cleaning and maintenance throughout its LIFE–SIMPLY effortlessly removes Black Stripes (Regenstreifen Wohnwagenreiniger, Caravanreiniger Wohnmobilreiniger, Camping, Awning Accessories Wohnwagenreinigung / Wohnwagenpflege, Wohnmobilreinigung / Wohnmobilpflege, Caravanreinigung / Caravanpflege)
CLEANOFANT clean outer

for quick and easy cleaning of caravans and mobile homes:

1 body structure and exterior, with insect

2. Chassis and hubcaps with brake dust and wheel housings

3 engine compartment, including oil, grease, soot, cooling

effectively cleans lacquered and zinc-coated surfaces, Waben-, structural and Alubleche, GFK-/Gelcoat-, plastic and Plexiglasoberflächen of road and Umweltschmutz, insects, and fresh plant Baumsekreten, resin, fats, salt and more without damaging the surface:

Black Rain strips are easily and completely removed

the cleaning leaves a transparent protective film, mounted the fast Motorcycle vorbeugt. very economical and biodegradable

appropriate materials

> all glossy surfaces, varnish, plastic, fibreglass, Gelcoat, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, glass, plastic, acrylic, Polycarbonate, glass, Carbon, Ceramic, Zeltstoff, PVC coating, tiles etc

> not suitable for varnish and Mattfolie.

further information

scope extremely wide and water-repellent effect, the more rapidly Protects new stains forming on

> Grips Aluminium -Zierleisten surfaces and not on

> does not contain solvents and acids, non-aggressive

recommended Application

surfaces economical, and provides einsprühen. in the event of serious dirt, a necessary Felgen-/Schwellerbürste or glove nachreiben. cleaned surfaces rinse off with clean water.

for use on surfaces, a large Pumpsprühflasche (Garden Sprayer), use slightly angetrockneter cleaning water immediately reactivated. By

Packaging: 5.51 lbs (2,5 kg) in CLEANBAG
CLEANOFANT out cleanly for quick and easy cleaning of caravans and mobile homes
Effectively cleans and lacquered surfaces and galvanized Waben- and Alublech, Gelcoat-, GFK-, plastic surfaces, and Plexiglass
Wohnwagenreiniger / Wohnmobilreiniger for Body Building and outer casing, including insects, hubcaps, Chassis and engine compartment
The Wohnwagenreiniger / Wohnmobilreiniger leaves a transparent protective film, mounted to prevent the quick Motorcycle
Black strips are easily and completely removed (Rain strips)

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