Chemical Guys BUFX_105HEX5 – Hex-Logic Light Polishing/Finishing Pad, Blue (5.5 Inch)

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Professional grade pad
logic laser cut surface
Faster, easier and more accurate results

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The Blue Self-Centered Hex-Logic Light Cleaning, Glazes and Gloss Enhancing Pad has a unique composition that complements all glazes and light surface cleaners that perfectly deliver a super fine finish to be used with an ultra fine polish or glaze. This pad features PUR+ (Poly-Urethane-Reactive Bonding). This pad has the most durable and resistant backing plate, it is soft and gentle to paint. The PUR+ backing plates may also be washed hundreds of times guaranteeing a perfect grip with each use that may be PUR+ technology. This pad also features Hexagon technology, often referred to as Hex-Logic. Hex-Logic pads are designed to hold product and distribute it evenly over the surface of the pad delivering a superior even finish that may be hard to reach with any other pad. The unique construction of the pads makes them extremely easy to maneuver at the same time as distributing the product evenly on the surface. The Hex-Logic pads keep the product in the groves at the same time as you start and because the pad is spun and rubbed against the surface, the polish will commute through the hex-groves into the pad, evenly delivering a superior accurate finish. The surface is constantly lubricated which reduces friction and marring. The unique hex laser cut surface of the pad enables Hex-Logic pads to conform to the shape of the surface delivering maximum surface contact. The Hexagon construction forms perfectly to a vehicle’s many curves at the same time as the unique pad construction reduces unnecessary heat. The Self-Centered Pads are uniquely sized to 5.5 inches making them perfect for big or small jobs. These pads have a “V” like construction so the face of the pad is wider than the backing, offering a one inch foam protector that assures no matter how hard you push, you’ll never hit the backing of the plate against the surface.
Professional grade pad
logic laser cut surface
Faster, easier and more accurate results
Perfectly centered pad
Ring is flexible, bendable and easy to wash and re-use

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