Chemical Guys 5.5″ Hex Logic Quantum Blue Polishing/Finishing Pad – BUFX115HEX5

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Precision port vent hole
For finishing
Suitable for all paints

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Chemical Guys 5.5″ Hex Logic Quantum Blue Polishing/Finishing Pad has no cut, and are ideal for spreading finishing products over painted finishes. Use the Blue Quantum Pad to spread the easiest coat of gloss-enhancing glaze like Black Light, White Light, or GlossWorkz Glaze over freshly-polished paint finishes. The new Quantum design represents a great leap forward in polishing pad technology. Innovative new foam polishing pads smoothly transfer power from the polishing machine into paint at the same time as minimizing heat, wear and tear, and user fatigue. High endurance Quantum pads are designed for dual action polishers, long-throw orbital machines, and high speed rotary buffers. Quantum Hex-Logic Pads combine new pad geometry with tried-and-true Hex-Logic grooves to verify maximum coverage, enhanced cooling, and fast and efficient work. R&D fitted the new Quantum pads with a more durable and breathable hook and loop interface plate for a stronger bond that conducts heat away from the machine and pad. The precision-cut Race Face creates a gradual tapered profile to spread out compression from the user’s hands and reduce wear and tear on the foam pad. Improved manufacturing techniques, adhesives, and materials be sure that Quantum Hex-Logic Pads last more for better polishing results job after job. By understanding the physics of polishing, Quantum Hex-Logic engineers extended the lifespan and efficiency of Quantum polishing pads by adding a Precision Port vent hole. Venting the pad where it spins the fastest reduces torque stresses on the material and channels heat away from the freshest a part of the pad. Quantum polishing Pads come in the full Hex-Logic color spectrum, so there is a Quantum Pad for each compounding, polishing, and finishing job on any vehicle. Pick up the new Quantum Hex-Logic buffing and polishing pads for a polishing experience that changes everything.
Precision port vent hole
For finishing
Suitable for all paints
Innovative Quantum design
Suitable for DA machine polishers

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