Bilt Hamber Micro Fine Paint Conditioner (500ml) Price: £27.00 (as of 24/06/2019 04:45 PST- Details)

All in one polish and wax
Removes light marring
Lasting protection

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Micro Fine is the ultimate all in one product from acclaimed British manufacturer Bilt Hamber. Designed for high quality paint finishes Micro Fine contains high levels of carnauba wax to produce a highly durable and protective coating that can be further complimented with Finis or Hydra wax.

Micro fine is best suited to those who like to protect their vehicle frequently and who’s paint is in good condition already or has just been corrected to a high level. The forumla of Micro Fine is such that it rejuvenates lightly aged or marred paintwork to produce a deep gloss which it then seals in with its high wax content. The Micro Fine micro particles cleanse and condition the paint removing old traces of polishes, waxes, fillers and road film but is not abrasive enough for the possibility of inflicting new marring.

Cleanser Fluid can help enhance durability of the waxes imparted by Micro Fine and should be used following Auto Clay, leaving the best possible surface for Micro Fine’s wax content to secure itself to.

Whether Micro Fine is used as LSP (last stage protection) or whether it’s followed up with Finis or Hydra you’re sure to see the difference and it’s finish will last thanks to it’s detergent proof protective coating.
All in one polish and wax
Removes light marring
Lasting protection
Can be applied frequently
Easy to use

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