Bilt Hamber Hydra Wax Cleaning Kit Soft – 1 Kit

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This kit provides all that is needed for the effortless application of a high-shine, long-lasting T1 grade carnauba wax finish to vehicle’s paintwork, by virtue of liquid hydra-wax’s detergent proof easy-to-use formulation. Preparation for this finish is provided by the non-corrosive auto-wash that is free of salt and corrosive surfactants plus with a 1:2000 dilution rate auto-wash is extremely economical is use. Its free-rinsing nature ensures a residue free finish ready for claying. Auto-Clay is an award winning polymer clay formulation designed to pull embedded particulate contamination from your car’s finish. Lightly gliding over a film of lubricating water this is a quick, simple method that provides an ultra smooth surface ready to accept hydra-wax. This kit contains regular Auto-Clay for more heavily contaminated paintwork, and / or summer use.

Kit Contains:
• 1 x Auto-wash our highly concentrated non-corrosive vehicle shampoo – 300ml
• 1 x Auto-Clay Soft our highly acclaimed award-winning clay bar – 200g
• 1 x Hydra-wax easy-to-use detergent proof carnauba wax – 500ml
• 1 x App-pad – wax applicator for fine-film application
• 1 x Large plush quality micro-fibre buffing cloth

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