Autoglym Magma 500mL safe to use on all external surfaces

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New ‘color transform’ technology
Product reacts with the adhered metal particles
Metal particles are loosened

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Autoglym Magma 500mL
Your vehicle is under constant attack from airborne contaminants.

Many of these are tiny particles of iron that appear as specks on paintwork and brake dust on wheels, dulling their shine.

The active ingredients in Magma turn red as they react with these iron particles to safely loosen them from the surface to be easily rinsed away.

If your vehicle paintwork feels rough to the touch or if you spot any iron contaminants on paintwork (orange or brown spots that look like tiny rust specks).

Magma can be incorporated into a deep clean process.

Where can I use Magma? Magma is perfectly safe to use on all external surfaces. It will effectively remove iron contamination from glass but its primary function is to clean paintwork and wheels.

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