Autobrite Direct Hell Shine The Abyss 25ml ~ Paint Sealant Sample

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Synthetic paint sealant
All features of a traditional wax but is also suitable on plastics & metals

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The Abyss is a synthetic paint sealant designed specifically for cars and motorcycles. As part of the new Hell Shine range of Autobrite Direct products, that are specially formulated using Autobrite’s wealth of experience and knowledge to bring you a special range that you will love for their excellent performance and their unique colour/scent combinations. Enthusiasts alike can enjoy using them, safe in the knowledge they form part of the crème de la crème range.

The Abyss is a brand new paste sealant that has all the characteristics of a wax. It applies and removes like a wax, spreads like a wax, beads like a wax and even protects like a wax yet it is suitable on many other surfaces, unlike a wax. It can protect almost any surface from paint to metal to plastic and more.

Abyss gives you up to 6 months protection from a single application even on a daily driver vehicle and it leaves you with an amazingly deep and glossy look hence the name, The Abyss as it’ll leave you staring in wonder at the finish it can produce. Dare you gaze into the Abyss!

This product has already become very popular amongst enthusiasts, which is why Autobrite have produced this 25ml sample pot for you to try and experience to help you decide what protection might suit you and your paint best without spending the amount a large long lasting tub might cost you. This 25ml pot is expected to do 2+ coatings on an average size car using a fine cell foam applicator, applying a thin and even coating to all panels which is allowed to cure for 10 minutes before buffing with a clean microfiber to reveal a soaking wet look that will stand the test of elements for some time.
Synthetic paint sealant
All features of a traditional wax but is also suitable on plastics & metals
Up to 6 months protection
Produces an amazingly deep & glossy finish

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