Autobright Silica Spray Sealant High Gloss Hydrophobic Protection Ceramic Tech

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New Release Autobright Silica Sealant Hydrophobic high gloss paint protection! Formulated incorporating ceramic silica technology in an easy to use spray on formula, to produce a glass-like membrane coating that chemically bonds to the surface, creating a smooth and extremely glossy impermeable layer that offers incredible protection. The specialised silica particles will actually refract light resulting in a superb reflective finish. Not only will the results be impressive, but the treated surfaces become strongly hydrophobic, repelling water and dirt, so your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer. Silica Sealant provides the best protection possible on multiple surfaces including paintwork, plastic, glass, chrome and wheels • Up to 6 months protection • High gloss reflective finish • Repels water and dirt • Wipe-on, wipe-off formula • Vehicle cleaner for longer • Multi-surface protection • Extends life of ceramic coating Directions: Surface should be completely clean and free of oils or wax. Shake well. Spray on to cool and dry surface. Work the coating evenly into the surface until it disappears. Lightly buff with a clean, soft, lint-free microfibre towel.

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