Autobright Car Wax 80ml Pot Original Fusion 100% Pure Yellow Carnauba Wax Polish

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Pure Shine
Easy Use
Pleasent Scent

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It is so easy to apply and remove Autobright’s Carnauba paste wax.

Leaving an incredible head turning mirror-like reflection. As soon as you

open the lid you will be hit with that fresh Carnauba wax aroma.

Use an Autobright foam applicator and wipe across the top of the soft pliable paste wax and you will
notice how easy it is to spread thin even overlapping circular motions like butter onto your paintwork

Formulated with pure grade ONE yellow Carnauba from Braxil.
It creates a rich warm glow, transforming the paint into a deep liquid shimmering pool.
The reflective qualities are truly amazing giving a mirror-like reflection enhancing all colour, but especially
stunning on darker coloured cars giving them and awe inspiring glistening effect.

This wax is a pure pleasure to use
Q:Does it contain any PTFE sealant, polymers or abrasives?

A: No, it is a pure wax. But this means the shine will be on a much greater scale.

Q: Can I use it on my classic vehicle?

A: Autobright’s AB Carnauba paste wax is brilliant to use on all types of paint, from classic nitrocelluose to today’s modern paint finishes.

We also recommend Autobright’s Applicators & Microfibres for these benefits:
Fast & Easy
Saves on product
Applies uniformed even application
Non abrasive
Long lasting
Better results with product
Helps to prevent mis-application on mouldings

Carnauba Wax
Carnauba wax is produced by the Brazillian Copernica Cerifera palm tree, to coat its leaves, thus providing
protection from the sweltering sun and shedding water which is then absorbed by its roots.
Pure Shine
Easy Use
Pleasent Scent
Fantastic Protection
Impressive Finish

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