ATG headlights FRESH – headlight polishing set removes streaks and scratches from plastic headlights – 13-part headlight treatment set – DIY Smart...

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See and be seen thanks to the headlight restoration set: The polishing paste for plastic, acrylic glass, Plexiglas or similar surfaces gives your headlights a significantly improved appearance and more traffic safety
Your car shines in new splendour: Milky, slightly weathered headlight housings become bright and clear again with this car light-source repair kit, even scratches caused by stone chipping or insects can be removed easily and quickly
Safety through visibility: Light scattering, optical distortions in the headlamp housing can be improved with the polishing agent sealing kit through the do-it-yourself procedure and are no longer an obstacle on the road

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Headlight FRESH – shine brighter than ever with the ATG headlight polishing set

For your own security as well as that of other road users, it is important that your headlights and rear lights shine in full power. Particularly older vehicles frequently have milky or faded lights. The plastic repair set helps you to give old, cloudy, yellowed car lights an improved look. At the same time, you can maintain the value of your car, and that at an extremely low price.

The plastic surface polishing set also ensures clear sight on instrument displays of watches, synthetic glasses lenses and frames as well as smartphone displays and many more – there are no limits to your imagination.

Everything is well lit

✔ Surface scratches caused by falling rocks or insects can quickly and easily be repaired through DIY procedures
✔ Security thanks to visibility: Easily correct light dispersion and optical distortion with the headlight polish paste set
✔ Fast, professional results with the help of the practical power drill attachment

The 13-part car headlight repair set includes:

  • 2 x 40 ml polishing paste
  • 6 x sandpaper (2 each of the P800, P1200, and P2000 grain sizes)
  • 1 x cover strip
  • 1 x 7.5 ml UV protection
  • 1 x sponge disk
  • 1 x drill attachment
  • 1 x rotation disk


It’s this easy and quick:

1. Clean the headlight and cover it with the adhesive tape.
2. Sand the surface with the damp sandpaper (use the P800, P1200, and P2000 grain sizes, one after the other).
3. Then apply the polishing paste with the sponge.
4. Clean the sponge and then apply the UV protection.


Please note the included instruction manual.

✓ See and be seen thanks to the headlight clear sight set: The polishing paste for plastic, acrylic glass, Plexiglas, or similar surfaces gives your headlights and rear lights considerably improved optics and increased traffic safety.
✓ Your car will shine in new splendor: Milky, weathered headlight encasings turn light and clear again with the car light source repair set. Even scratches caused by falling stones or insects can easily and quickly be removed.
✓ Security through visibility: Easily carry out DIY repair of light scattering and visual distortions in headlight encasing with the polish sealing set. They will no longer be overlooked in traffic.
✓ So much lighting for so little money: A power drill attachment is included in the plastic processing repair set. This will help you achieve a professional light result in workshop-quality for matt and scratched car lamps.
✓ This Smart Repair set can do a lot more: With the synthetic surface polish, you can clean and restore caravan and boat windows, helmet visors, motorcycle windshields, or instrument displays such as watch covers, cell phone displays, and much more.

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