Armor All GAA48530EN Extreme Tire Shine Gel – 530 ml

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Armor All ExtremeTire Shine Gel & Applicator 530ml Armor All® Extreme Tire Shine Gel delivers intense, mirror-like shine and a wealthy black look with a gel keep an eye on applicator. Plus, it’s fortified with conditioners that offer protection to & nourish your tyres, preserving their natural beauty for the longer term. The Precision Applicator enables even, no-mess application at the same time as the wealthy powerful gel adheres to your tyres, forming a resilient durable shield. Armor All® Extreme Tire Shine Gel is a silicone based product that provides protection and the ultimate “wet” look shine. Once applied it starts to work by coating the tyre with a protective film that dries to leave an ultimate shine. Features & Benefits: · Extra gloss enhancers for intense, smooth, even shine · Conditions, nourishes, & preserves your tyres’ wealthy black look · Provides an enduring high gloss shine · Protects from harmful elements that can cause cracking and fading · Protects against attack from the elements · Precision application gives an even coverage · Avoids overspray, due to this fact a no mess application! Directions: Wash vehicle the use of an Armor All® car wash, then allow to dry thoroughly Shake well before use Squeeze gel into groove on the Precision Applicator Spread lightly around the tyres NOTE: Do not drive vehicle straight away after application when tyres are extremely wet. Unabsorbed product may spin off tyres onto car body parts.

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