8.1 kVA Heavy Duty Portable Petrol Generator With Electric Start & Wheels

£899.99 (as of 15th March 2018, 8:00 pm)

6.0 kW Rated Power / 6.5 kW Max Power
15 HP engine
Large 25 litre fuel tank giving 10 hours run time

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This superb dual voltage, heavy duty 6500 W petrol powered generator from SGS Engineering provides a very reliable source of electrical power for domestic uses including powering remote lighting, pressure washers, power tools, compressors and water pumps. The SPG6500 delivers up to 6.5 kW or 8.1 kVA of power from a 16 amp 115 V socket, 32 amp 115 V socket or a 32 amp 230 V socket, and as well as has a 12V DC 8.3amp output. All our generators come with 100% copper motor coils as an alternative of the more frequently used (and less expensive) aluminium coils found on other models. This ensures a greater and more reliable power output from SGS generators. It’s fitted with an extra large 25 litre fuel tank for up to 10 hours continuous operation between refuelling, is powered by a reliable electric start 4-stroke petrol engine and is safe by a sturdy all steel surround frame fitted with large rubber wheels for manoeuvrability. Fitted with an AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to sense and care for a constant voltage as the load on the generator varies. NOTE: The generator will require filling with 1.1 litres of 10W30 oil before first use. NOTE: Please check the power requirements of your tool before use with this generator. NOTE: This generator is designed for intermittent domestic use and isn’t suitable for continuous (day-to-day) commercial use. NOTE: This generator will require both our 32 amp to 16 amp and a 16 amp to 13 amp fly leads to be used with a standard 3 pin plug. We also supply this generator as a bundle with the required fly leads and oil.
6.0 kW Rated Power / 6.5 kW Max Power
15 HP engine
Large 25 litre fuel tank giving 10 hours run time
Electric start
Large muffler for quiet 69 dB operation

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