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Mobile car cleaning Great tips for starting your business

mobile car cleaning article valeters

Take a look at the Starting a Mobile car cleaning business the video below is full of great information that will help you establish the things you require before setting out on your first mobile valeting Job.

Mobile car cleaning

Your main outlay will include a good size van that will be large enough for all your equipment, for example a water tank, generator, vacuum cleaner, power washer, tools and products.

You can start off your business with medium quality equipment and as your business grows you will be able to upgrade to top quality tools and equipment.

When you start using equipment it soon becomes obvious which tools and products perform well, make notes of the equipment that you are satisfied with and try to stick to that brand or product.

Make sure you know your work load, how many vehicles can you clean in a day, also it is important to carry all the items you need for that days work as running back to your home base to get equipment can be costly.

Some Items you may require to set up your business

Power Washer

Vacuum Cleaner Wet & Dry

Water Tank

Duel Action Polisher


I found this great video below about starting a mobile valeting business, I have covered this topic before but the video was so good I thought it was worth sharing with you.

Starting a Mobile Car Cleaning Business

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