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How to use a dual action polisher car valeting tips and tricks

Tips and Tricks How to use a dual action polisher

A dual action polisher is an essential tool for valeting and detailing vehicles, giving you the ability to remove scratches and swirl marks easily, precisely with minimal effort.

I came across the video below and thought I would share it with you, it is a very detailed video showing the process of “how to use a dual action polisher”, the video created by Chemical guys shows an easy to follow step by step process.

Chemical Guys provide great products for Valeting and detailing vehicles, A wide range of products including interior, exterior, tools and accessories.

How to use a dual action polisher Points to remember

  1. Don’t apply too much polish
  2. Spread polish over area before turning on the polisher
  3. Adjust the speed of your polisher for each process
  4. Use the correct Pad for the job
  5. Use a Pad conditioner
  6. Don’t apply exessive pressure
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