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How to use a dual action polisher car valeting tips and tricks

Tips and Tricks How to use a dual action polisher

A dual action polisher is an essential tool for valeting and detailing vehicles, giving you the ability to remove scratches and swirl marks easily, precisely with minimal effort.

How to use a dual action polisher Points to remember

  1. Don’t apply too much polish
  2. Spread polish over area before turning on the polisher
  3. Adjust the speed of your polisher for each process
  4. Use the correct Pad for the job
  5. Use a Pad conditioner
  6. Don’t apply exessive pressure

What is the difference between a Dual Action Polisher and a Rotary Polisher

In the world of car detailing, there are two main types of polishers. There is the rotary type and then there’s a dual-action one that has a spinning head like an orbital sander but also oscillates back and forth for more detailed work on cars. The big difference between them though isn’t just in how they look or what their means of operation is; it’s really about if you’re trying to buff paint or not!

Rotary Polisher

Rotary Polishers are very straightforward – the head spins on a single axis in a regular circular motion. This causes heat and friction to build up allowing the user to perform paint correction processes. Rotary Polishers will remove marks in the paintwork that dual action polishers cannot.


Dual Action Polisher

Dual Action Polishers rotate in 2 different ways! the head spins in a concentric circular action on a spindle which in turn spins in a wider circulating motion.

An analogy would be the motion of our planet: the Earth spins on its own axis (as the backing pad spins on the top of the spindle) at the same time as moving in an orbit around the sun (as the spindle spins around on the DA).

The resulting oscillation creates a “wobble” which prevents excess heat and friction build-up, but still allows enough such that light to moderate paintwork blemishes can be removed. This makes a Dual Action polisher the perfect choice for the amateur enthusiast looking to keep the car looking great but without the worry of a potential re-spray!

Video Demonstration How to Use a Polisher

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