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Free vehicle check sheet car valeting dent report Download PDF

free vehicle check sheet

Why do I need a vehicle check sheet?

When cleaning a customers car you want the job to go as smoothly as possible, I have created a Free vehicle check sheet in PDF format so you can download and print anytime.

free vehicle check sheet

Protect Yourself From Any Claims

When your customer has asks you to valet or detail there car, firstly you should always check around the vehicle for any damage to the vehicle like dents, deep scratches etc.

Basically check anything you are not going to be able to correct by valeting the vehicle.

The reason I would recommend a vehicle check sheet is you don’t want a customer checking your work after you have finished saying to you “that dent wasn’t there before”!

A vehicle could have been damaged without your customer realising, a shopping trolley in a carpark for example, you don’t want the blame for any damage you haven’t done.

Below you can download a Free Check sheet to print out at home or at work to do a simple walk around assessment before starting your valeting work on the vehicle.

This simple Free vehicle check sheet will allow you to do a pre-valet damage report, if possible get your customer to check and sign the sheet to confirm they are happy that any damage was already on the vehicle before you start your work.

Download Vehicle Check Sheet here

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