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The valeters forum suggestions

I would love to hear your suggestions for the forum, what categories you would like added etc, It would be great to build it up from scratch just how everyone would like it to be, I have started with a few categories to get the ball rolling but your input would be great. Thx

Emoji's and thanks buttons are pretty standard on most forums, not that it matters

Thanks for the input I will see if its possible to add those to the forum, I searched for many different types of forum options and this one seemed quite good for what I was looking for, there are many types of forums and I found many of them were far to complicated not only to set up but also for users to use.

I opted for something fairly basic that would hopefully eliminate spam posts from robots etc.

I will see if I can add emojies and a like option but I appologise if its not possible.


I have now added an emoji option to the forum 😎

It does make sense 😎

Just need some members now UDetail tell your friends 😄