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Best Car Cleaning Interior Products

Best Car Cleaning Interior Products

Cleaning the interior of a car can be made much easier if the tools and products used to do the job make the process easier, quicker and also achieve the best results, in this article I will share some of the best car cleaning interior products and tools available to make cleaning the interior of a car a pleasure to do.

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Best Car Cleaning Products 2020

best car cleaning products 2020

Firstly there are many products available for cleaning cars and 2020 is no exception, finding the best car cleaning products and achieving the best results is sometimes a difficult task.

Cleaning products vary not only in quality and price, they are also different in other ways too.

Finding products that suit you best with the cleaning processes you use, can easily be determined by how easy the product is to use to achieve the perfect finish to your vehicles exterior paintwork, interior or wheels.

Below are 6 examples of highly recommended products which valeters would recommend when cleaning a car.

6 Top Car Cleaning Products

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Best Rotary Polisher Car Valeting and Detailing

Best Rotary Polisher car valeting and detailing

Why Should I Choose The Best Rotary Polisher ?

Firstly car valeting and detailing is hard work even if you are a professional car valeter, having the best tools for the job will make cleaning a vehicle easier and reduce you getting tired.

Having one of the best rotary polishers in your armoury will certainly improve cleaning performance and results when detailing and valeting a car.

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Best Pressure Washer For Car Cleaning

Best Pressure Washer For Car Cleaning

In this article we will show you some of our best choice options when trying to find the best pressure washer for cleaning a car.

Pressure washing a car is a job that all valeters have to do before starting a thorough cleaning process, finding the right pressure washer that provides the best results can be difficult especially with so many different options available.

Our Number One Choice

Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer

We have chosen the Kärcher K4 Pressure Washer as our number one choice because of its size, power, warranty and value for money.

A great option pressure washer for car cleaning.


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How to Detail The Interior of a Car

how to detail the interior of a car

Detailing the interior of a car can be achieved by following the correct process, in this article I have written the guide ( how to detail the interior of a car) to help new detailers or valeters.

All detailers over time have their own process when detailing the interior of car, I hope this guide will help you find the process that works best for you.

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cleaning a car's paintwork

This article shows a step-by-step guide to cleaning a car’s paintwork, including washing, clay barring, and polishing a car, this process can be used when valeting a car to a professional standard or simply cleaning your car at home.

1. Washing a car correctly

Firstly washing a car correctly is very important, a dirty car will have paintwork full of contaminates dirt, road film, and grit! removing this grime properly will ensure you don’t cause more problems later when trying to get the paintwork looking perfect.

Start off the process by firstly jet washing the vehicle with a pressure washer this will remove heavily soiled areas, move around the car pressure washing from top to bottom as you go until the whole vehicle is done.

The next process is to wash the vehicle with a good quality car shampoo, it is advisable to use a two bucket method when washing your car as the power washer will remove heavy dirt but contaminates could still be embedded in the paintwork, the two bucket method is having two buckets filled with water, one with your car shampoo solution and the other bucket with just rinse water, a grit guard can also be used to help you keep grit from returning to your wash mitt.

Example of two bucket options

Using a good quality wash mitt will help the cleaning process, starting at the top of the car wash small areas of the car with your car shampoo from the one bucket and then rinse your mitt in the rinse bucket, any grit that is on you mitt will fall to the bottom of the bucket below the level of the grit guard, this will prevent accidentally picking up the grit back onto your mitt.

large particles of gritt on your mitt can cause deep scratches in your paintwork so the two bucket method with a grit guard reduces the risk of scratching your paintwork.

When this washing process has been done rinse the car again with your power washer.

2. Remove contaminants using a Clay Bar 

Now that the car is washed correctly a clay bar can be used to remove any contaminants and swirl marks within the paintwork.

Example of Clay bar kit

This method of cleaning is used to detail cars to a very high standard and achieve fantastic results.

What is a clay bar?

A clay bar is a resin compound which can be synthetic or natural, it looks similar to putty it becomes soft and durable and easy to use allowing you to clean paintwork even in difficult to reach places, a clay bar should be used with detailing spray or lubricant or it will not move easily across the paintwork.

How do I use a clay bar?

Break a piece of clay bar off large enough to easily work within your hand, play with it in your hands similar to when you played with plasticine as a child, this will make it pliable, once it is soft flatten it into a small disc shape.

Clay bar your paintwork by working on small areas at a time, spray on some detailing spray, rub the clay bar across the paintworks until it feels really smooth and the clay bar glides easily across the paint.

Once you are done use a clean soft microfiber cloth to remove any residue of clay left on the surface, a little detailing spray makes this process easier.

3. Polishing a car for a perfect shine

There are many types of wax/polish on the market, most valeters try different types of wax until they find a preferred brand, Carnauba wax is very popular as it leaves a deep shine, polymer waxes give a glossy wet look finish.

Simply apply the wax to a foam applicator and rub into a smooth finish, wipe off any excess with a clean microfibre towel.

Start polishing from the top of the car roof, bonnet, boot or hatch, then work on each panel around the car until you achieve a perfect shine.

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Casual clothing for valeters

Casual clothes for valeters

My top 5 casual clothing for valeters

Valeters are a unique person who tirelessly spend each day providing professional vehicle cleaning expertise to ensure vehicles are kept in tip top condition, when there work finishes casual clothing for valeters can bring joy and can also be a good talking point that can also create work.

There are some great valeting and detailing related clothing for you to wear casually below are some of my favorites see my top 5 choices.

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Autoglym product range 2020 developed for a perfect shine

Autoglym product range 2018

The Autoglym product range 2020 a perfect range of products for professionals and DIY vehicle cleaning.

Since 1965 Autoglym has inspired the vehicle cleaning industry with there top quality valeting products, there motto Passion for perfection has truly been applied to there great range of products and are used to clean vehicles all over the World below you will find a list of  The Autoglym product range 2020.

Autoglym’s Products Range 2020

Autoglym product range 2018
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